Welcome to the Cartilage Healing and Regeneration (CHaR) Lab!


 Chondrocyte Biology: From birth to death                          

We are dedicated to understanding how chondrocytes respond to complex systems of microenvironmental cues such as matrix stiffness, ECM composition and applied load through every stage of endochondral ossification…



 Cartilage Regeneration           

…and use that information to enhance stem cell-based cartilage repair.   





Engineering Tumor Microenvironments

Many of the factors that regulate stem cell differentiation also modulate tumor behavior. Through collaborations in Pediatric Oncology and the Breast Cancer Center, we are using tissue engineering strategies to create organoid cultures of tumor microenvironments in which the complex interactions  of extracellular stimuli can be modeled and studied.  

BreastCancer copy               BoneSarcoma